Monday, 9 March 2015

Mix N' Match Mondays: Bronze and Silver

On Mixing Bronze and Silver: 
  • The silver charms have been distressed showing the darker metal underneath 
  • This creates less contrast with the bronze chain
  • A long-sleeve henley gives a white backdrop for the necklace to stand out
  • A distressed coat with studs match the necklace and create an urban feel
  • And a beanie adds warmth 
Get the look:

There's a lot of stigma around mixing silver and gold/bronze jewelry but I say leave that stigma behind and do it. I mixed two charms (a silver ring + some sort of tooth) and with a bronze chain. The look works because I got the charms from a Guess necklace ($35) and the chain from my old roommate but I'd make one for less than $20 with charms and a chain from Michael's Craft Store. 

To get the distressed look, keep the charms in your pocket or bag with your keys and let them get knocked around. The distressing process should wear away polishes, bits of metal and could take a while. 

Comment below with what unlikely pairings you wear! :)

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  1. ACCESSORIES!!! love it :) take photos for me pls.