Thursday, 15 October 2015

Vlog #1. London Sunfest

What is London Sunfest?

Sunfest: a festival in the heart of downtown London every summer held by a non-profit community who focuses on cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the arts including music, dance and visual arts. (You can check out their page here)

I.e.Dancing. Food trucks. Live music performances. Carnival Rides. Sunfest is a melting pot of talented and unique individuals gathering to celebrate art and culture. 

Picture a citywide farmer's market in the heart of downtown high on music and the sugar from fresh fruits where people from all over the city gather to enjoy the weather and celebrate diverse cultural performances. Vendors will come with their food trucks, artists display their works, kids too high on sugar will be running around with their parents struggling to keep up, and I will be on my camera trying to capture some essence of all the excitement for you!

And if you wanted to see more, here's some photos (PC: Kitty Chan) and vlog of me getting ready and travelling through the hustle and bustle.

(Booth 1 of 80)

(The Performers' Audience)

Henna Tattoo
(My assisting photographer Kitty Chan modelling her henna tattoo)

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