Tuesday, 10 May 2016

STYLE: JORD Maplewood Fieldcrest Watch + Giveaway

In today's day and age of phones, the wrist watch has become less and less common. Even more uncommon is the handcrafted JORD Canadian Maple Wood Fieldcrest Watch (S129 USD with free shipping worldwide) - Giveaway Details at the Bottom.


Pros: Natural wood stands out from the sea of leather and metal watches, time chips glow in the dark, lightweight, handcrafted, unique

Cons: Difficult band adjustment, very light, can feel cheap, susceptible to water damage


The JORD Fieldcrest Maplewood Watch is a unique piece that combines fashion and function. A butterfly clasp opens easily and gives plenty of space to slip this watch on when you're in a rush and glow in the dark time chips ensures you'll know the time even at night. 


Having a watch that fits you perfectly can be the determining factor between whether you wear the watch or leave it behind. 

JORD will size it to your wrist for an additional $10 but those not willing to pay might come into trouble. The watch store I brought it to in London, ON. would not work on the watch because previous wood watches had been taken there and broke using their traditional tools. Their solution was to ship it off and have it done for $30+ and would've take weeks to have adjusted.

Mine was too tight so luckily my Dad (who works at a Mold factory) brought back a tiny carbide chip that was used to knock out the lugs but resulted in a small dent in the wood (circled in the photo below).


Although I would stick to a leather or metal watch for formal events, the JORD Fieldcrest Maple Watch is very unique and easy to style for these reasons:

- Metal detailing adds a more premium look and feel
- Round face keeps it easy to pair without feeling too bold
- Lightweight allowing for ease of use without feeling weighted 
handcrafted Maplewood gives a warm and unique aesthetic to the watch.

Below I styled it with 3 different outfits.


- JORD Watch
- Green Army Jacket
- White T-Shirt
- Black Denim 
- Black Sneakers


Here, the JORD watch pairs with the bronze coloured detailing on the jacket and stands out as the lightest detail of the outfit.

A black and white pairing of jeans and T-shirt gives a simple contrast that allows for the attention to go towards the jacket and watch.

Optionally, because the Maple watch is of a neutral colour, you can pair it with warm coloured accessories such as a brown leather backpack and a maroon coloured snapback for a casual look.

A warm colour palette paired with the JORD Maplewood Fieldcrest Watch


- JORD Watch
- Blue Denim Shirt
- Grey Stripped V-Neck
- Black Denim
- Black Sneakers
- Feathered Key holder


Here I pair the JORD Maplewood Fieldcrest watch with a cooler colour palette and another neutral colour.

The JORD wood watch is the only warm coloured piece and stands out because of it, especially when paired against the cooler colour of the denim shirt.


- JORD Watch
- Grey Knit Sweater
- White T-shirt (Layer)
- Black Denim
- Black Sneakers
- Brown Leather Bag
- Feathered Key Holder


Despite the obvious pairing of two neutrals (Maplewood Beige + Knit Sweater Grey), this outfit is in the details.

The feathered keychain holder brings another level of black to the bottom half (which without any breaks in the figure, creates a longer silhouette so you look taller) and the cuff detail pairs nicely with the chunky detailing on the watch band.

What are your thoughts on the look of a wood watch?

Giveaway Details

I'm giving away one of these watches (the JORD Maplewood Fieldcrest Watch) through a giveaway in collaboration with JORD. 

The prize for this contest is a $129 E gift certificate that the winner can put towards any watch rather than making it a specific product (although I chose this model) and will be live for 1 week. The 7 ways to enter are:

1. Follow on Instagram

2. Fill out the JORD form

3. Like the YouTube Lookbook Video

4. Subscribe On YouTube

5. Comment on the YouTube video which watch you'd like to win (check out JORD's website here)

6. Comment on this blog post what what your thoughts are on the watch

7. Follow JORD on Pinterest

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  1. The thing I like the most about these watches is that they're made out of wood. As you said, there's a sea of leather and metal out there, so it's refreshing to find something new. Also the woods makes for some great looking natural color patters and the watch overall has an exotic look to it, in my opinion. Really enjoy the look of these.

  2. Never seen a wooden watch before, but I like the look and the outfits you matched with it, keep it up! :)

  3. Never seen a wooden watch before, but I like the look and the outfits you matched with it, keep it up! :)

  4. Never seen something like it, gives a healthy vibe would match well with earthy colored clothes.

  5. I think these watches are truly unique - and I love being unique!

  6. The wood watch is unique and stylish. I think it can look great with many outfits. There is everything from classic coloured watches to bold watches. All being super cute.